Red Pump Spirits

Craft Distillers of Fine Spirits

Fruit Liqueurs

Red Pump Spirits produces three fruit liqueurs of exceptional taste and quality.  We proudly prepare these liqueurs using a process similar to the one used historically by the great brandy producers in the world.  We first ferment the fruit juice into wine and allow it to clarify.  The alcohol is then distilled from the wine yielding a high proof distillate with an aroma and taste similar to the fruit.  The French call this distillate "eau de vie" - the Water of Life.  At this point we add fruit juice to the distillate to flavor the spirit and reduce the proof to 40 Proof / 20% ABV.  It is a tedious process, but produces spirits where the sweetness of the fruit is balanced by the dryness of the alcohol.  

These remarkable liqueurs can be sipped neat, over ice or blended into delicious cocktails.  They go well when poured over ice cream or another of your favorite desserts.

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